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Accompanying services

Accompanying services

Price list

Cost of living per hunter * 280.80 BYN
Cost of organizing a hunt for one hunter 117.00 BYN
Registration of a package of documents on the import / export of 1 weapon (by prior request) 140.40 BYN
Extra charge for processing documents urgently (including sending documents by courier) 70.20 BYN
Veterinary Examination 117.00 BYN
International Veterinary Certificate 234.00 BYN
Registration of a trophy sheet for trophy removal 46.80 BYN
Preparation of visa documents + insurance 70.20 BYN
Sauna rental, 3 hours, up to 6 people. 140.40 BYN
Transfer Minsk (airport / train station) – hunting farm – Minsk (airport / train station) group up to 3 people. 351.00 BYN
Carbine rental 1 day 93.60 BYN
Cartridges 9.36 BYN

* 50% of the cost of the second citizen living in the room

* The cost of living in the new complex is 468 rubles 00 kopecks, the cost of visiting the spa complex is 702 rubles 00 kopecks.

We offer household services for skinning, butchering, plucking and eviscerating birds, freezing, packaging.


Preparation of the trophy (full preparation, boiling out, bleaching, packaging):
Beaver skinning, beaver evaporation 35,1 BYN.
Roe deer 70,2 BYN.
Elk, deer 117 BYN.
Skinning, butchering, plucking and evisceration of birds, freezing, packaging:
Elk, Deer yearlings 58,5 BYN.
Elk, Deer Adult 93,6 BYN.
Roe deer yearlings 35,1 BYN.
Roe adult 70,2 BYN.
Bird (goose, duck, woodcock) 11,7 BYN.