Arrangement Of Hunting

Arrangement of Hunting

The Beliy Bor Hunting Farm provides you with the opportunity to enjoy hunting in Belarus,  including hunting for wolves, roe deers, birds, deers and elks. If you prefer, we can arrange any type of hunting in Belarus for you, providing that such type of hunting is permitted by law of the Republic of Belarus. Our country is full of natural beauty and various animal species.  Recreation centers, located in picturesque places, will make you possible to enjoy successful hunting in full.

Arrangement of hunting in Belarus includes the following:

  • Issuing of tickets and one-time permits for hunting;
  • Preparation work at the place of hunting;
  • Yagers ` assistance;
  • Communications;
  • Transportation.

All trophies are paid additionally (see Price List). The cost of meat and fell is included into the cost of the trophy.