About Us

About Us

The Beliy Bor Hunting Farm is created in 2006 and located in the central part of Belarus, within the territory of Slutskij and Kopylskij districts of Minsk region (80 km away from Minsk and 30 km away from Slutsk — 53°16’9″N 27°26’54″E GoogleMapsYandex Maps).

The Beliy Bor Hunting Farm invites you to participate in seasonal hunting, including elk hunting, deer hunting, wild boar hunting, roe deer hunting, wolf hunting, waterfowl hunting, wading birds hunting etc. A great number of animals for hunting, as well as the availability of equipped hunting towers, hunting blinds and recreation facilities create all necessary conditions for successful hunting.

As of 2022, the numbers of hoofed mammals are equal to 85 roe deers, 18 elks, 56 deers, 10 doe.

Animal Species Bag Limits for Wild Boars, Deers, Roe Deers Elks and Beavers in the Beliy Bor Hunting Farm for 2015
Wild Boars
Roedeers 59 (26)
Elks 10 (8)
Deers 30 (26)
Doe 6 (4)

Our high-quality and soft servicing make our guests possible to enjoy their holidays and communication with nature in full. The list of the services provided is constantly supplemented with consideration for our clients` preferences. We do our best to make your holidays the most comfortable, impressive and ultimate experience.

The Beliy Bor Hunting Farm is an ideal place for your holiday!

You can get additional information, order a hunting tour by phone: +375 (44) 759-45-35 / +375 (29) 652-40-06 or by using our feedback form.