Accompanying services

Accompanying services

Price list

*prices are in euros  
Cost of organizing a hunt for one hunter 50.00 
Registration of a package of documents on the import / export of 1 weapon (by prior request) 60.00
Extra charge for processing documents urgently (including sending documents by courier) 30.00
Veterinary Examination 50.00
International Veterinary Certificate 100.00
Registration of a trophy sheet for trophy removal 20.00
Preparation of visa documents + insurance 30.00
Transfer Minsk (airport / train station) – hunting farm – Minsk (airport / train station) group up to 3 people. 150.00
Carbine rental 1 day 40.00
Cartridges 14.00




Preparation of the trophy (full preparation, boiling out, bleaching, packaging):
Beaver skinning, beaver evaporation 15,00
Roe deer  
Elk, deer 50,00
Skinning, butchering, plucking and evisceration of birds, freezing, packaging:
Elk, Deer yearlings 25,00
Elk, Deer Adult 40,00
Roe deer yearlings 15,00
Roe adult 30,00
Bird (goose, duck, woodcock) 5,00